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11th/12th October Treated Articles The main activity within the Treated Articles Group is currently now focussed on the production of a number of in-use simulation tests to measure the antimicrobial activity of surfaces. The first such protocols that simulates the effect of a treatment on the survival of bacteria delivered as either fine droplets or splashes are undergoing international ring testing. This will be discussed further in the upcoming meeting.

FSEG COVID-19 Mitigation Analysis – Harnessing CFD Fire Simulation and Agent Based Models
Mathematical tools, particularly Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Agent Based Modelling (ABM), offer a potential means to assess mitigation strategies and quantify their effectiveness.  CFD models can simulate the movement of air in complex spaces, taking into account both forced and natural ventilation, and the dispersion of respired droplets and aerosols. ABM can simulate the movement and behaviour of large numbers of people in complex spaces. 

By modifying the behaviour rules within ABM appropriately, it is possible to simulate the movement of crowds, as individuals attempt to maintain a specified distance apart (SDA). 
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