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Purpose of the BEST Advisory Group

  • The Bio-Effective Surface Treatment Think Tank is an EPSRC-formed focus group consisting of experts from academia and industry providing consultation on antimicrobial interior options and developments for public transport. To develop, propose, disseminate and participate in projects that would lead to safer travel methods including air, rail and sea.
  • Support surface coating technologies and collaborative efforts where required and develop industrial engagement as required with appropriate groups.
  • To bring together researchers working in Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Bio-effective Surfaces for Vehicle Interiors using emerging technologies for tackling the spread of pandemics.

The BEST advisory group is made from academic and industrial partners and we invite engagement with all concerned bodies.

Chair – Peter Askew, IMSL

Co-Chair – Steven Stanley


  • Peter Collins
  • Dimitrios A. Lamprou
  • Bill Hodson